Our selection of 18th and 19th century antique jewelry pieces can be viewed privately in your office or home.  Please feel free to browse our samples listed here. 

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The Glorious Collection Gallery

Twisted and Tied Agate Scottish Brooch

Sterling Silver Croix d’Normandie

Art Deco Gold and Enamel Cufflinks

Georgian Diamond Girandole Earrings

18kt Gold and Silver French Pique Necklace

Berlin Iron Bracelet

Victorian Gold  and Agate Scottish brooch

Victorian European Enamel Earrings

Edwardian Silver and Paste Earrings

Sculptured Agate Scottish Brooch

Pair of Berlin Iron Bracelets Cameo Clasps

Georgian Natural Coral Sautoir

18K French Pearl Necklace

Dramatic Scottish Agate Brooch

18kt Gold Heart and Croix de Normandie

Art Nouveau 18kt Gold / Diamond Bracelet

14kt Peridot Bangle Bracelet

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Diamond Moonstone Heart Pendant

Platinum and 15kt Gold Cufflinks and Buttons

18KT Gold Opal and Paste Earrings

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