Thousands of companies sell antique and estate jewelry. Our goal is to

consistently distinguish ourselves. We know that to succeed we must have

a point of view AND an inventory that sets us apart from competitors. It

thrills us to offer this limited selection.

The name “Glorious” reflects our company and our point of view.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “Glorious” as “that which is

marked by great beauty or splendor and is a source of intense joy,

evoking feelings of delighted admiration”. We strive to focus on

choosing jewels that bring intense pleasure to you each time you look at

your purchase.

This is our commitment to you.

(GLO•RI•OUS) Beauty that evokes feelings of delighted admiration

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Specialties of the House

•  Georgian Jewelry

•  Victorian Jewelry

•  Edwardian Jewelry

•  Art Nouveau Jewelry

  1. Art Deco Jewelry

  2. Arts and  Jewelry

  1. Antique Rings

  2. Antique Earrings

  3. Engagement Jewelry

  4. Cufflinks

  5. 1940 Retro Jewelry

•  Later Period Jewelry

Our selection of 18th and 19th century antique jewelry pieces can be viewed privately in your office or home.  Please feel free to browse our samples listed in our Gallery.

To view our entire collection of jewelry, please visit our sister site at Trocadero:

The Glorious Collection Gallery

Contact Information

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You can reach us 7 days a week 8 am-10 pm EST by phone

or email us anytime with any questions you may have:

(718) 884-4959

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