18kt Gold and Silver French Pique Necklace

Flowers dance as they bloom on this 18kt Gold French pique choker.  An oval of tortoise shell has been etched into a bountiful floral arrangement.  Tiny bits of gold and silver were then inlaid into the pattern and brought flush with the surface of the shell.  At each end of the velvet ribbon is attached the original scroll ending of the clasp.  Fashioned in 18kt, the same scroll creates a frame around the tortoise shell.

During the 1800’s, the tortoise was not an endangered species.  Whenever we view this romantic choker, we are amazed at the hand that executed this work.  We admire the patience and the delicate touch of the artist.  Pique jewels in prime condition are a rare treat.  The buckle can be affixed to a smaller ribbon and can be worn as a bracelet.  We are excited to have found this unique example of jewelry history. c.1850-1860.




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